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watch Madagascar 3 online People of all ages have flocked into cinemas for both Madagascar movies. Even the television spin off of the Madagascar’s smart penguins got a lot of attention. I do not think it would still take more convincing when I tell you that you should . If you are still having second thoughts about going to watch Madagascar 3 online, all you have to do is look for reviews regarding this third installment to the Madagascar franchise. The feedback on this franchise is really overwhelming. You really have to watch Madagascar 3 online to know what all the talk is about watch Madagascar 3 online.

The support for the said franchise brought the production of now three movies, two shorts and one tv show. Those who are going to watch Madagascar 3 online would find out that the movie is actually about the animals’ attempt to go back to New York City. Those who have already decided to watch Madagascar 3 online may have done so because it is rumored that Madagascar 3 is already going to be the last installment. If you are going to watch Madagascar 3 online without seeing the first two films, it would help to maybe get a little background about the franchise first. watch Madagascar 3 online

The first movie, Madagascar, showed the four main characters that were really well pampered in a New York City zoo. When one of them longed for a wide open place to roam around in, the group decided to leave the zoo and go to Connecticut because they thought that it would be nice there. But as soon as they were seen walking in the streets, they were tranquilized and sent to a ship going to Kenya. On their way, the penguins took control of the ship and accidentally brought the four animals to the shores of Madagascar. The second movie presented the group’s attempt to go to Africa. This is to go back to one of the animal’s roots. In a flashback, it was shown that Alex was actually named Alakay when he was young. He was captured by poachers and by accident got to New York City. Now that Alex is back in Africa, the challenge was to aid his father in an attempt to bring water back to the reserve. watch Madagascar 3 online The second movie ended with Alex leading the pride with his father.

At first, DreamWorks Animation thought of just naming the third movie Madagascar 3. But recent events made them decide to put a subtitle to it. It is now titled Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. The film is set to hit the big screen on the 8th of June next year. watch Madagascar 3 online However, planning for it happened a lot earlier. In 2008, DreamWorks CEO already mentioned that he would like to see the four characters get back to New York. In 2009, he formally announced that they are at present, making Madagascar 3. Madagascar 3 still features the voices of Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith and Andy Richter.